...nor have I given up on my quest. I've been...*ahem*...distracted.

However, I have recently finished the first season of "Torchwood" and have begun upon the second season of "Legend of the Seeker" (Good news for those still wanting to see the first season: it seems to have returned to the Netflix Instant Queue!). This should give me some excellent grist for the mill, as it were.

The last few eps of "Torchwood" nearly all made me cry. A prime exception: episode 1.12, where spoiler-tastic things happen ). Okay, so maybe I did cry a little for that.

Wherein I ponder spoilers )
So yes, I'll watch more "Torchwood" - I just about have to now - but I'm not sure it'll ever occupy the same place in my heart as "Doctor Who." Then again, I'm not sure it's meant to.

I'm about to start in on the 3rd season of the new Who, and looking forward to it, but I decided a break from the British was in order, so I went with...well, Australian, which is so much better. Besides, I've been meaning to watch more "LotS." I really like that show; I thought about buying the DVDs, but I'm sure if I wait a bit, a "Complete Series - Both Seasons in ONE!" pack'll come out. ...probably just after I buy them individually; that's usually the way it works.

Also, it takes my mind off of this week's cliffhanger episode of "Castle" (because how could you doubt that I'm still watching it?). ARGH! And, of course, the end of season 1 of "Torchwood" decided to hang me on a cliff a bit as well. So, yes, cliffs galore for me to hang off of. It's nearly my bedtime (don't ask), and no doubt I shall go to bed with dreams of Captain Jack dancing *coughwithacertainsomeoneelsecough* in my head.
Yes, okay, I already knew he was hot from "Doctor Who" but I love, love, LOVE his coat. And his eyes. And his smile. And his voice. And everything he says. And...well...*ahem*...we'll be here all night if I make a list.

Btw, the silly British-ness in my tone should have subsided, as it's been a few hours since my last taste. This is a bit more like me, though I couldn't think of any poetry I wanted to link to. *pout*

So three eps into season 2 of "Doctor Who" and 2 eps into "Torchwood". Things are still preliminary and I wasn't going to post but (A) I wanted to record an initial impression while it was relatively fresh and (B) I wanted to remember to mention something I was afraid I'd forget.

So, let's go in reverse order.

(B) "Torchwood" addressed the awareness of aliens. I rather liked it. Gwen says that her boyfriend thinks it's terrorists and/or hallucinogens when Jack brings it up with her.

I like that some people try to rationalize it out of existence, try to make the universe be the same way they thought it always was. That seems like a very human response to me. But the way Jack brings it up (which must be discounted, since he's drugging her to forget anyway) and, in turn, the way Gwen talks about it, that's one response to the problem, not the universal one. It's "our take on it is XYZ" which implies that there are other takes on it. I'm sure somewhere in that universe, UFO conspiracy theorists are jumping out of their skin in glee.


(A) So far, despite Captain Jack Hawtne...er...Harkness, I still like "Doctor Who" better. Which isn't to say I don't like "Torchwood" because I do! I like police/crime procedurals, and the shows that play with the standard setup. "Law & Order" in its various incarnations, "Castle," "White Collar," etc. "Torchwood" is sort of like a police procedural with aliens. And Captain Jack. So, yeah, I like it; I think I'm genetically incapable of NOT.

But "Doctor Who" is something so different from most of the standard television fare. At least, I haven't seen another show where a time traveling humanoid alien gathers up a hot female companion (yes, okay, I think Billie Piper is hot, shut it; hotter in the current season than last even - love her hair) and travels around to various places and times, getting into trouble while do-gooding. If there's another show that has a similar premise, please tell me about it?

Dude, they were just FIGHTING WEREWOLVES IN VICTORIAN SCOTLAND. By the way, Queen Vicky kicks ass. But yes, "Doctor Who" pushes nearly every giggling, childlike button I have, and so the good Doctor gets a leg up on our dear and sexy captain. (And THERE'S a nice mental image...*cough*)

Granted, things could change. I initially preferred "Babylon 5" (I still haven't seen the fifth season...) over "Firefly," but that opinion reversed itself, did a u-turn, then screeched off into the Serenity sunset. So we'll see.

My eternal thanks go out to the Internet and to Netflix, for streaming all of "Torchwood" and most, if not all, of "Doctor Who" at the moment. For now, I require food before I dive back in.


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