We'll make this a quickie and hope for the best. The image to the left was drawn by Fireball of Kagerou fame, and the quote is from Colin Ferguson (which reminds me: I need to see "Eureka"). It is very, very apt. I have been devouring "Doctor Who"; just watching the Christmas special capping off season 3, and then it's back to "Torchwood" for Season 2.

Still haven't finished up "LotS" Season 2. I am truly falling behind in my fannish duties. I have been studying more WoW than anything else (and I mean that truly - I'm part way through My Life as a Night Elf Priest which is a sort of ethnographic study of World of Warcraft). Oh, I have spent some time with Dreadnought, too. So you can parcel some blame out for Cherie Priest.

Real life and guild leader duties have eclipsed the duty to fandom. I may be forced to get gainful employment soon, which is a terrible thing to have happen to anyone. I've also been working on my game and (gasp!) working out. Jobs and exercise at the same time? If I didn't have the Doctor and Captain Jack, I don't know what I'd do.

I hope all is well wherever you may be, scattered across the World Wide Web (remember when people used that term?). I wish you lots of vanilla coke, chocolate almond bark, and tasty crusty bread.
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( Dec. 19th, 2010 11:53 am)
Spent this morning working on Christmas preparations, and what better accompaniment to holiday provisioning than the good Doctor and Rose Tyler. I'm in the middle of "The Age of Steel". Ahh, how I have missed this show! "The Girl in the Fireplace" made me tear up a little. And I want a daft tin dog of my own now! K-9!

I am a sucker for character development. It's part of why I loved "Firefly" so much: most episodes were focused on the adventures of these particular characters. And "Doctor Who" is much the same. I mean, I love a good overarching plot (thanks, "Babylon 5"!), but ooo interesting characters are The Best in My Book.
Yes, okay, I already knew he was hot from "Doctor Who" but I love, love, LOVE his coat. And his eyes. And his smile. And his voice. And everything he says. And...well...*ahem*...we'll be here all night if I make a list.

Btw, the silly British-ness in my tone should have subsided, as it's been a few hours since my last taste. This is a bit more like me, though I couldn't think of any poetry I wanted to link to. *pout*

So three eps into season 2 of "Doctor Who" and 2 eps into "Torchwood". Things are still preliminary and I wasn't going to post but (A) I wanted to record an initial impression while it was relatively fresh and (B) I wanted to remember to mention something I was afraid I'd forget.

So, let's go in reverse order.

(B) "Torchwood" addressed the awareness of aliens. I rather liked it. Gwen says that her boyfriend thinks it's terrorists and/or hallucinogens when Jack brings it up with her.

I like that some people try to rationalize it out of existence, try to make the universe be the same way they thought it always was. That seems like a very human response to me. But the way Jack brings it up (which must be discounted, since he's drugging her to forget anyway) and, in turn, the way Gwen talks about it, that's one response to the problem, not the universal one. It's "our take on it is XYZ" which implies that there are other takes on it. I'm sure somewhere in that universe, UFO conspiracy theorists are jumping out of their skin in glee.


(A) So far, despite Captain Jack Hawtne...er...Harkness, I still like "Doctor Who" better. Which isn't to say I don't like "Torchwood" because I do! I like police/crime procedurals, and the shows that play with the standard setup. "Law & Order" in its various incarnations, "Castle," "White Collar," etc. "Torchwood" is sort of like a police procedural with aliens. And Captain Jack. So, yeah, I like it; I think I'm genetically incapable of NOT.

But "Doctor Who" is something so different from most of the standard television fare. At least, I haven't seen another show where a time traveling humanoid alien gathers up a hot female companion (yes, okay, I think Billie Piper is hot, shut it; hotter in the current season than last even - love her hair) and travels around to various places and times, getting into trouble while do-gooding. If there's another show that has a similar premise, please tell me about it?

Dude, they were just FIGHTING WEREWOLVES IN VICTORIAN SCOTLAND. By the way, Queen Vicky kicks ass. But yes, "Doctor Who" pushes nearly every giggling, childlike button I have, and so the good Doctor gets a leg up on our dear and sexy captain. (And THERE'S a nice mental image...*cough*)

Granted, things could change. I initially preferred "Babylon 5" (I still haven't seen the fifth season...) over "Firefly," but that opinion reversed itself, did a u-turn, then screeched off into the Serenity sunset. So we'll see.

My eternal thanks go out to the Internet and to Netflix, for streaming all of "Torchwood" and most, if not all, of "Doctor Who" at the moment. For now, I require food before I dive back in.
It's rude to just enter a conversation, unannounced and unintroduced. Emily Post would have my head if I interrupted (though I suppose violence is rude as well), yet the Internet is so full of idle chatter. We have this marvelous creation at our fingertips and what do we use it for? Eh, rant for another time, another day.

So, we'll hedge our bets: dip our toe and then dive in. I hear the water's fine.

Hello, you grand series of tubes! And a special Hello and a Monocle Smile to the fandoms with whom I have flirted shamelessly yet to whom I have rarely committed myself. There is so much out there I want to see and read and know about, so many references that zoom over my head. I have friends who know these things and say, "You HAVE to see this!" And it isn't that I don't want to, so much as I haven't had the...no, I haven't made the time.

I will warn you now: I am terrible at follow-through, at perseverance. I will trust in my friends to bark and nip at my heels here, as they have been doing.

Toes dipped? Right, in we go. Backstory: a dear friend sat me down and showed me Season 1 of the new "Doctor Who" (Ninth Doctor) some time ago, but as he was fond of Eccleston, he dropped the show when Tennant came in. So, for years now, I've not seen anything else of "Doctor Who".

I am aware of Fandom's collective SWOON over Tennant, but more than that, the whole "Doctor Who" concept struck me as being...well...Fantastic. Yes, I heard him say it in my head when I said it then said it out loud myself. FanTAStic! So, after much badgering, I started in on Season 2, with our new Doctor (yes, the old one now - I've actually seen a bunch of the Newest Doctor, just skipped everything in between somehow): "The Christmas Invasion."

There's little point in reviewing it, because most of you have already seen it, and everything else is opinion. But this is my little elbow joint of the series of tubes, and so my opinion is what you get. I will gladly open the floor to respectfully-voiced disagreements and devils' advocates; everyone else gets locked in a closet with a particularly choleric badger (read: ignored).

By the by, there is one thing you should know about me: I tend to pick up the timbre, inflection and slang of whatever I've most recently ingested, media-wise. So if I sound British and a tad silly, you'll have to excuse it, as I have just been watching "Doctor Who". Not that there's anything WRONG with being British. I'd make off with Harrod's if I could. The Hall of Chocolates, at least. The giant clock is pretty and all, but it'd be awfully loud in my apartment, and nursery rhymes have taught me nothing good about that bridge. Back to the point.

It's too soon to get into Tennant vs. Eccleston; I'm only one episode in, and I was so used to Eccleston (though I do still sort of think of him as Norfolk in Elizabeth; watching that movie post-"Doctor Who" is always sort of odd), so I'll need more time to adapt. But I wasn't in raging man-heat for Eccleston like SOME (who shall not be mentioned - and remember, if you're reading this, that the lady doth protest too much), and Tennant does have a sort of rumpled cuteness about him.

I like that each regeneration of the Doctor is a slightly different variant, with different emotions and different reactions. I'm vastly amused that the new Doctor is dismayed at not being ginger (it's not all that, really) and can quote "Circle of Life." And I knew, as soon as Harriet Jones, Prime Minister said "Fire" that he wouldn't be pleased. I love that the show is goofy sci-fi action with this huge heart (or two of them) that says it's wrong to just kill someone if you don't really have to, but does say...yeah, sometimes you have to (he DID say no second chances, after all).

And, of course, there is Torchwood, or, more properly, "Torchwood" - as I'm going to have to start in on THAT now, aren't I? Not that I don't want to. Captain Jack Harkness. Really that's all that needs to be said there. I'll have to figure out how best to weave the two shows together, as I'm watching "Doctor Who" via Netflix's streaming Instant Queue.

More to the point, the show has taken a very definite Departure from real life at this point. As in, before now, you could plausibly pretend to be living in the "Doctor Who" universe, blithely unaware of aliens and the TARDIS and everything else that existed beyond your own little life. Now, that illusion is gone; humanity in the "Doctor Who" universe is aware of extraterrestrials. This version of humanity has proof that we don't have (and, I'm not sure, ever will) that we aren't alone out there.

I don't know whether I like that better or not. Not that I was ever in danger of confusing real life for a fictional setting, mind. But whether I like it or not, I applaud the decision. As a writer someone who writes, I know that was probably not an easy choice. It doesn't completely change everything about the show, just alters the background a little. A slight shift, and in a direction I like pondering on: if we, as a planet, as a species, knew there was another species out there in the universe, how would we react? We're a messy lot; bringing us together under one utopian government, and all dedicated to peace and love probably won't happen anytime soon. 'S nice to think of though.

Fandom is flights of fancy built upon others' flights of fancy. If you've seen Inception, your brain will go where mine does there and add "a dream within a dream." (And if you've seen Princess Bride, your mind will hear it said as "a dweam wiffin a dweam.") We are, if nothing else, a creative species - which only adds to the messes we get ourselves into - and we are fond of our fantasies. But sometimes we can learn from our dreams, and sometimes we can grow from what we learn.

I'll be interested to see what I learn as I go through the various fandoms I've meant to keep up on and lost touch with, or never started. I'm excited at the prospect of traveling through so many other people's dreams.

And, last but not least, I'm looking forward to shutting up all my well-meaning friends who tell me I simply MUST see this show or ELSE.

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