We'll make this a quickie and hope for the best. The image to the left was drawn by Fireball of Kagerou fame, and the quote is from Colin Ferguson (which reminds me: I need to see "Eureka"). It is very, very apt. I have been devouring "Doctor Who"; just watching the Christmas special capping off season 3, and then it's back to "Torchwood" for Season 2.

Still haven't finished up "LotS" Season 2. I am truly falling behind in my fannish duties. I have been studying more WoW than anything else (and I mean that truly - I'm part way through My Life as a Night Elf Priest which is a sort of ethnographic study of World of Warcraft). Oh, I have spent some time with Dreadnought, too. So you can parcel some blame out for Cherie Priest.

Real life and guild leader duties have eclipsed the duty to fandom. I may be forced to get gainful employment soon, which is a terrible thing to have happen to anyone. I've also been working on my game and (gasp!) working out. Jobs and exercise at the same time? If I didn't have the Doctor and Captain Jack, I don't know what I'd do.

I hope all is well wherever you may be, scattered across the World Wide Web (remember when people used that term?). I wish you lots of vanilla coke, chocolate almond bark, and tasty crusty bread.
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