...nor have I given up on my quest. I've been...*ahem*...distracted.

However, I have recently finished the first season of "Torchwood" and have begun upon the second season of "Legend of the Seeker" (Good news for those still wanting to see the first season: it seems to have returned to the Netflix Instant Queue!). This should give me some excellent grist for the mill, as it were.

The last few eps of "Torchwood" nearly all made me cry. A prime exception: episode 1.12, where OUR Captain Jack dances with and then kisses the REAL Captain Jack Harkness, knowing that the real one will die the next day. Okay, so maybe I did cry a little for that.

Words cannot express how happy I was with the nod back to "Doctor Who" at the end of season 1. Let me just get that out of the way.

As for "Torchwood" itself so far? Well, Owen is a right wanker, there's no doubt about that. I have yet to understand what Tosh, Gwen, Suzie or Diane see in him: he's arrogant, obnoxious, and, to me, he kind of looks like a monkey. He's self-absorbed and pisses me off.

Ianto. Poor, sweet Ianto, who is apparently, as Owen put it, Captain Jack's "part-time shag". The stopwatch comment? Love. And poor Suzie, who's always the bitch - no, really, she's evil. I feel kind of sorry for her actress.

All the characters get their stories, and the tantalizing tidbits about Captain Jack are intriguing (EVERYTHING about Captain Jack is intriguing), but really the first season is about Gwen, because she is, after all, our avatar for the show. Gwen and her fish-out-of-water-ness. Gwen and her relative innocence. Gwen and her compassion for others. The first season is about Gwen. ...and Captain Jack's coat.

I have to say, when the Abaddon was revealed, that was AWESOME. And I thought, "This is going to be a kickass fight!" And instead it's John Barrowman thrashing around in a field and that's it. Admittedly, he does it well enough, but, that's it? Really? I know the CGI to make that thing must've been pricey, but it's sort of anti-climactic. They gave us the setup in the previous episode. They've been setting Owen up for it for two episodes before THAT. They gave us callbacks to previous episodes during the build-up to the Abaddon's release. And then it's all over in a minute.

Overall, "Torchwood" is enjoyable. Edgier than "Doctor Who"; though it has the same sort of "We're up against insurmountable odds but we'll think of something" sort of vibe that The Doctor has, it's generally darker. I think part of that is that it always takes place here on Earth. Sure, The Doctor deals with things that might destroy the entire universe, and sure, sometimes he's here on Earth (in various time periods), but it all feels less immediate than "RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW." It must be worse if you're actually British, thinking about extra-terrestrial terrors running around your own streets.

"Torchwood" feels more real in a lot of ways too, which is an odd thing to say about a show about aliens and alien technology. But The Doctor -in any incarnation- is basically always TGTBT: Too Good To Be True. He isn't human, he's just awfully fond of us, and it's just him and his "Wheeeeeeeee! I ran away with a crazy time-traveler!" companion, bopping around the universe and having adventures. There's sort of a happy-go-lucky feel about that concept (even if certain episodes are dark and scary).

A LOT of "Torchwood" is interpersonal communication: the way we interact with each other is fucked up enough without throwing aliens into the mix. It's interesting on that level, and I dig it for that. But, in the end, as I've said before, it's basically a police procedural with aliens. And I love police procedurals and love aliens (and love Captain Jack and his coat of awesomeness), don't get me wrong; but "Doctor Who"...well, there's just nothing else like it.

So yes, I'll watch more "Torchwood" - I just about have to now - but I'm not sure it'll ever occupy the same place in my heart as "Doctor Who." Then again, I'm not sure it's meant to.

I'm about to start in on the 3rd season of the new Who, and looking forward to it, but I decided a break from the British was in order, so I went with...well, Australian, which is so much better. Besides, I've been meaning to watch more "LotS." I really like that show; I thought about buying the DVDs, but I'm sure if I wait a bit, a "Complete Series - Both Seasons in ONE!" pack'll come out. ...probably just after I buy them individually; that's usually the way it works.

Also, it takes my mind off of this week's cliffhanger episode of "Castle" (because how could you doubt that I'm still watching it?). ARGH! And, of course, the end of season 1 of "Torchwood" decided to hang me on a cliff a bit as well. So, yes, cliffs galore for me to hang off of. It's nearly my bedtime (don't ask), and no doubt I shall go to bed with dreams of Captain Jack dancing *coughwithacertainsomeoneelsecough* in my head.
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