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([personal profile] zwrusk Sep. 20th, 2010 10:25 pm)
Warning: I am a Nathan Fillion fan. If you expect me to be objective about "Castle", you are out of your goddamn mind.

So, it's Brewfest in WoW, which is a great holiday! But Brewfest cannot stand against my love for "Castle." And that opening? Oh god, I was hooked instantly. And there's nothing like seeing Beckett arrest Castle. Their dialogue in the interrogation room? Love. Oh! And "I missed you too," and the little smiles? Love, with whipped cream on top. And the two of them realizing at the same time? Ah, it was like coming home again.

The parallel between Alexis's problem and her dad's was a little too obvious, and I still have a hard time believing Beckett is comfortable running around and breaking down doors in high heels.

And. While I do not officially support the Esposito/Ryan ship, thinking about that while watching this ep made me grin (the chair thing? perfect!). And of course, the boys holding out on Castle, making him jump through hoops. Heh. Hell hath no fury like a detective scorned.

Great time had and, more importantly, I'm looking ahead to another season of tuning in every Monday to watch Beckett and Castle dance around each other. Better than that other dancing show they put on before "Castle" comes on.


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