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I've just started episode 11 of the first season of "Legend of the Seeker." So just about half way through.

Gotta say, I like it so far. I was discussing it with a friend yesterday:

[13:56] Me: I think I'll drink my Italian Lemon Ice and watch more "Legend of the Seeker"
[13:57] Friend: heh
[13:57] Friend: I saw the first ep of that, maybe the second? Wasn't something I stuck with tho. I'd read some of the books you see :-P they kinda ruined it for me
[13:58] Me: yeah I know they're different. but I haven't read the books yet, so.
[14:00] Friend: keep it that way
[14:00] Friend: the series sounds like it might actually be good!
[14:00] Friend: the books turned quickly to drek, however
[14:00] Me: I'm enjoying it so far.
[14:01] Friend: waaaay too much emphasis on bondage and S&M for my taste by the second and third books. I think I got partway through the 4th and said "I'ma done here!"
[14:01] Friend: the first was ok though
[14:01] Me: lol well, from the vid I saw there's still some of that in the show.
[14:05] Friend: yeah, it was present in the first...just not as, erm, 'front and center' as it became

So I may or may not pick up the books. We'll have to see. The show has a very rigid morality, in that "Right is right and wrong is wrong" sort of way. It doesn't like gray areas and won't abide them. I'm not saying that I disagree with any of it, by the way. So far, my stance on things is in line with Richard's/The Seeker's/the Author's.

Edited to Add: Hello, Death Penalty episode! Again, I doubt I'm going to disagree with their stance, but it's like I can go down the Moral Hot Button List. Anyway, back to the entry.

But I also know that growing up with morality like this has led me to do questionable things. Things that are no one's fault but my own and what was, for me at the time, a rather twisted psyche. And I know that real life doesn't work out like it does in books. Richard runs risks that he perhaps shouldn't, because he's not just risking himself but everyone else who depends upon him as well. In the show (and in the books?), that works out in the end. Life isn't always so accommodating. But then, I guess that's why it's called fantasy.

Also? Though that vid I linked in the last post (and referenced above) is, quote, "hot like burning," I'm going with the hetero ship here because they went straight for one of my buttons.

No, really, don't read this if you don't want to be spoiled for a minor plot point in the show.

Okay. Highlight in the box to read spoilers.

This whole "We can't sleep together or I'll steal your free will" thing? LOVE IT. LOVE IT LIKE WHOA. Ratchets up the sexual tension, the longing gazes, the smoldering kisses. I admit, it can be cheesy as hell. It might be here. I don't know, and I don't care. DO WANT. "We must put our love -or at least the physical act of it- on hold, for the sake of the world!"

Also, the circumstances under which it was revealed to Richard? OUCH. Yeah. He has every right to be a little miffed at Kahlan about that, because HELL YES she should've told him. Finding out from "Mistress" Denna? Cooooooold.

Though, while I'm thinking about it, the Mord-Sith? Yeah, bondage-tastic. Doesn't stop Bridget Regan from looking smokin' hot while dressed up as one though. Yikes. Also, Mord-SITH? Lucas fanboy much?

*coughs* Anyway, I'm enjoying it. I start classes on Monday, so this weekend I'll be spending with the Seeker of Truth.

...and occasionally that vid, because whether I support that ship or not? HOT. OVEN MITT HOT.
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